PA Secretary , this position requires advanced Excel skills, please do not apply without previous , traceable references which support your claim to excellent skills in this regard.

The position is one of support to a very energetic director, , overseeing marketing, co-ordinating meetings, and managing the diary in a very busy, fast paced work environment. Salary R 7500 Slightly Negotiable. Please apply in Word format, and please include an ID or other digital photograph.

This is for my record purposes only, and will not be submitted to the client. It does make it easier to recall people after having telephonically interviewed.Please include your reasonable salary expectations in your application email.. As well as what your notice period is if you are working, and your current area of residence, as well as whether you have your own reliable transport, or how you would travel to and from work.

Email STATING the position for which you are applying please in the subject line.


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