Welcome to East Coast Recruitment

We wish to introduce ourselves as modern, down to earth recruitment consultants who hope to be able to assist you in finding suitable staff for an existing vacancy within your organization.

Helen has more than 20 years recruitment experience, having worked as both a recruitment consultant for National recruitment agencies doing both South African and foreign placements, and furthermore having studied and thereafter worked in HR for a large manufacturing company. Apart from her HR Diploma, Helen holds an IPSC issued by APSO on completion of their exams and has a warm, friendly relationship with her clients.

Glenn has been a director of a web development and marketing company and has a number of qualifications in the computer field. Glenn will be working on our computer placements and has previously lectured as a Microsoft Certified Trainer. We pride ourselves on our friendly, yet professional service.

Our consultants, all experienced in their fields of work are Maria Nel, working in general recruitment, and admin, as well as technical placements such as artisans, Laura van der Westhuizen, handling general recruitment , with a strong background in accounts and sales, and Jeanine Oosthuizen, who works in general recruitment, but also specializes in the overseas placements for our clients out of South Africa

Should we be selected as the agency to assist you in your search for the staff you require, you will find that not only do we make ourselves available to the client, but to another very important person in the recruitment process too, the candidate, who is so often not given the time and the answers they need, to best make the decision to join the right company for them.

We have an excellent reputation as a company who really gets to know the ins and outs of the companies who choose to use our recruitment services. We believe that it is essential when finding the right individual for a job, that this person fits in not only with the work requirements but is a neat fit when it comes to company goals and objectives too. For this reason, we may ask more then the usual task related questions in taking down your requirements for a position.

What do we charge, and how can you get a discounted rate?

We charge 12% of annual salary for a placement to the company who recruits through us, or a minimum placement fee of R2500. There is no charge to the candidate for our assistance in finding them a suitable position. To qualify for a discounted rate of 10% of annual salary, we ask that the invoice be paid on invoice, or on the day the candidate starts, and should you not choose the discounted rate, in order to get the guarantee, we ask that you pay your invoice within 7 days of the candidate starting at your company. There is no fee charged to the company unless we are successful in finding you the candidate you choose to employ., or if you ask for specific tests to be done which are not part of our normal recruitment process. Should you however choose to employ any of our candidates within a year of them having been submitted as candidates for ANY position and have them employed in ANY capacity within the company, you will be liable for an invoice of 12% of annual salary for that placement, or 10% if paid on the day candidate starts work.

Please note, that in the event that you choose to employ a foreigner, we are in no way responsible for organizing of work visas or passports, and that these are done at the expense of the future employer.

Should you wish to conduct psychometric or other tests not part of the standard recruitment procedure, we ask that you be prepared to meet these costs yourself though we will happily make the arrangements for you.


Each placement done by East Coast Recruitment carries a three month/ ninety day guarantee. During the first 30 days that a candidate is employed by our client, should the person either be legally dismissed, or leave of their own accord, we will provide a 75% credit on this placement fee towards future placement fees. During the next 30 days, we would provide a 50% credit on this placement fee on future placements. For the final 30 days of guarantee we provide a 25% credit of this placement fee on future placements.

CK NO- 2005/140536/23


Phone :: 065 345 4431

Fax :: 086 690 4793

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